40 Question from Asianfanfics

بِسْمِ ٱللّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ
 Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So, hai gaisss.. petang petang panas macam ni kan best dapat ice cream kan haha so memandangkan aku tak busy ni nakle main-main question pasal kpop. But firstly, sorry to who yang tak minat dengan korea and so on tau. Aku update ni suka suka je disebabkan bosan nak mati hahaha. So, I had stole tagged from one of my friends blog in asianfanfics. 

1. Favourite Solo Artist
 - Ailee, Baek Ji Young, Taeyeon and various artist from ost kdrama.

2. Top 5 Bias Group
 - EXO, iKON, SNSD, Bigbang, GOT7, BTS.

3. Do You Ship Anyone?
 - Yes, of course Monday Couple ~Gary Jihyo.

4. What fangroup(s) do you identify with? (i.e. VIP, Blackjack, etc...)?
 - EXO-L , iKONic, SONE, ARMY, VIP, LONE, VIP, I GOT 7 and many more~~

5. How did you get into KPOP?
 - Wonder Girls song nobody maybe hehehehe~~~

6. Do You Know How To Speak Korean?
 - basic hangul only

7. Have You Gone To Any Kpop Concerts?
 - *crying han river* never *continue crying*

8.  Do You Have Any Kpop Merchandise?
- Sure. Mark sweatshirt, EXO Postcard and many more. On going my yixing fankit for EXOluxioninMY *wink*

9. Do You Watch Variety Show?
 - Of course!! I really love Running Man and also EXO Showtime~~~

10. Top 3 Bias?
 - Male : Yixing (EXO), Hanbin (iKON), Mark (GOT7)
 - Female : Sooyoung (SNSD), Park Bom (2NE1), Seolhyun (AOA) ~not sure hahahahaha

11. What was the first KPOP song you immediately liked upon hearing?
 - Apology by iKON~~

12. A kpop group you really don’t like or don’t want to give a try?
 - New female Kpop group. lol i doesn't like them much because they too sexy and just to impress themself to boy group. *sorry

13. Do ya got a feelin that ur Loof is on fiyah?
 - what duyu min? hahaha

14. Who is your LEAST favourite idol/ female or male?
 - Too many to list

15. Do you listen to solo artists as much as groups?
 - nope

16. What has been your favourite comeback of the year?
 - EXO of course !!! Sing For You~~~

17. What is your least favourite concept/era from your favourite group?
 - Nopeee~~

18. has your bias acted in any films or dramas at all?
 - yes yixing had acting many chinese drama and film and rn he was injured hm T^T

19. Are you one of those people that stans over trainees or groups before they debut?
 - No. they got to debut first lol

20. Who was your first bias ever in the KPOP industry?
 - I really forgot about this but my first bias on EXO is Sehun!!

21. If you had a Korean name, what would it be?
 - Sung Eun Hwa hahahaha

22. Who would you want as an older brother?
 - Byun Baekhyun~~ i want he teach me how to got a flwaless face like him :")

23. Who would you want as an older sister?
 - Choi Sooyoung !! 

24. Funniest couple?
 - Monday Couple !!! I love they in Running Man !!!!

25. If your bias kissed you, how would you react?
 - Whoaaa I slap him maybe fuhh.

26. If your bias asked you to marry him/her, how would you react?
 - I will say NO because I dont want hahahaha~~

27. Worst-looking idol?
 - Im not gonna to tell !!

28. TOP or G-Dragon? (Big Bang)
 - TOP!! because he was my bias in Big Bang

29. Which company is your favourite?
 - SM entertainment and also YG entertainment.

30. In terms of looks, which group is the best?
 - I had stan EXO for 4years actually and ofcourse they is the best and BigBang tooo~~

31. In terms of songs, which group is the best?
 - EXO and BigBang *i cant choose them

32. Which group would you prefer to be classmates with in real life?
 - haha i dont know to choose but I love EXO.

33. Who would you want as a best friend?
 - Oh Sehun!!

34. Who would you want as a boyfriend?
 - Myungsoo and Wu Yifan~~

35. Who would you want as a friend with benefit?
 - Kai Kim Jongin !!!

36. Who would you want as a husband?
 - No, I dont want because I just want my crush !!!! hahahhaa lol ok Wu Yifan not bad

37. How many kids will you have with him then?
 - I want 4 haha 2boys, 2girls~~

38. Which kpop star do you wish to have a body like?
 - Seolhyun AOA ofc !!!

39. Which kpop star do you wish to have a face like?
 - too hard to choose ~~

40. Lastly,which group would you prefer to work with in real life?
 - EXO and Bigbang ofc hahaha

Tbh, I took 2hours to answer the killed question. Hahahaha so you guys should try hehe. I'll tag for those love kpop only hehe 


  1. O MAI GOD~ speechless. try my best utk jawab. jgn lpe look for it.

    1. hehe cuba jangan tak cuba >,<

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    1. haha ofc kim myungsoo aka L from infinite ^^

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