Sayonara Stationery Giveaway by NiniHanini

Firstly, banner giveaway kali ini sangatlah cantik. aesthetic gitu. the reason why i join kot hehe. If you really love stationery, you might wanna join this giveaway because the prize only for you, stationery lover! lama juga feii tak join giveaway kat blog ni sambil kita support rakan blog kita, jom join mana yang belum join tu. kalau nak join, boleh tekan banner di atas okei? ok lets,

Actually, im not into stationery before. but i was into it since i watched some of youtube video about stationery haul. feii pernah beritahu di entry stationery haul bulan lepas, mana yang belum baca tu boleh baca SINI. Now, feii berjinak dengan stationery sebab feii sukakan something yang cute macam sticker dan washi tape. yeah im still a newbie in stationery life and i hope sila tunjuk ajar saya.

There is nothing to choose about stationery! semua cute tak boleh nak pilih. kalau nak beli pun, nak beli semua kalau boleh. so, i dont choose either Sayo Pack or Nara Pack sebab both of them are cutesssssssss ok im sorry sebab terlalu over hehe.